Believe Lesson Schedule:

January 24: Chapter 1 - God

January 31: Chapter 2 - Personal God

Feb 7: Chapter 4 - The Bible

Feb. 14: Chapter 5 - Identity

Feb 21: Chapter 6 - Church

Feb. 28: Chapter 7 - Humanity

March 7: Chapter 8 - Compassion

March 14: Chapter 9 - Stewardship

March 21: Chapter 10 - Eternity

March 28 Palm Sunday: Chapter 11 - Worship

April 4 Easter: Catch up questions

April 11: Chapter 3 - Salvation

April 18: Chapter 12 - Prayer

April 25: Chapter 13 - Bible Study

May 2: Chapter 14 - Singlemindedness

May 9: Chapter 15 - Total Surrender

May 16: Chapter 16 - Biblical Community

May 23 Pentecost: Chapter 17 - Spiritual Gifts

May 30: Chapter 18 - Offering Time

June 6: Chapter 19 - Giving My Resources

June 13 - September 12: Summer Break

September 19: Chapter 20 - Sharing My Faith

September 26: Chapter 24 - Self-Control

October 3: Chapter 26 - Patience

October 10 Thanksgiving: Chapter 27 - Kindness

October 17- Anniversary: Catch up questions

October 24: Chapter 28 - Faithfulness

October 31: Chapter 29 - Gentleness

November 7 Remembrance Day: No bible study

November 14: Chapter 30 - Humility

November 21: Have I changed? Assessment

November 28: Chapter 25 - Hope

December 5: Chapter 23 - Peace

December 12: Chapter 22 - Joy

December 19: Chapter 21 - Love

40 days of Prayer for Believe at Hantsport Baptist:

DAY 1:          Ask God to prepare our hearts to BELIEVE.

DAY 2:          Pray for those who will be teaching BELIEVE.

DAY 3:          Praise God for giving us knowledge of himself through the Bible.

DAY 4:          Ask the Lord for guidance as we seek him.

DAY 5:          Thank God for our small group leaders.

DAY 6:          Pray that we will be led to think, act, and be like Jesus.

DAY 7:          Confess our lack of attention to His word.

DAY 8:          Pray for our friends and family as we share what we BELIEVE with them.

DAY 9:          Pray for spiritual growth in our church.

DAY 10:          Ask God to bless our children as they learn to think, act, and be like Jesus.

DAY 11:          Thank the Lord that his written word is so accessible to us.

DAY 12:          Pray that we will be challenged by each week’s message.

DAY 13:          Praise God for Jesus Christ, the ultimate expression of His love.

DAY 14:          Ask God for wisdom as we apply His story to our own life story.

DAY 15:          Thank God for those who prepared the materials for our study.

DAY 16:          Praise God for His Holy Spirit who guides us.

DAY 17:          Pray for families as they experience BELIEVE together.

DAY 18:          Pray for conviction of sin in our lives and willingness to repent.

DAY 19:         Ask God to protect our minds from distractions.

DAY 20:          Ask God to be our voice as we share our testimony.

DAY 21:          Praise God for the grace He has extended to His people.

DAY 22:          Pray for salvation for those who are lost.

DAY 23:          Pray for the physical protection of leaders and participants.

DAY 24:          Pray that each participant would sense God’s presence.

DAY 25:          Pray God’s blessings to be upon those who lead and serve.

DAY 26:          Pray that we will respond to God with praise.

DAY 27:          Pray that we will hunger and thirst for spiritual transformation as we Bridge to God.

DAY 28:          Pray that we would experience deeper relationships as we Bridge to Each Other.

DAY 29:          Ask God to lead us to neighbors who need Jesus as we Bridge to Ministry.

DAY 30:          Pray that God will move us into groups together to share BELIEVE.

DAY 31:          Ask God for spiritual protection for our leaders and participants.

DAY 32:          Pray for a renewed desire to pursue spiritual habits.

DAY 33:          Pray for each person to have a servant’s heart.

DAY 34:          Praise God for the hearts that will be changed by this study.

DAY 35:          Ask God to powerfully use BELIEVE to impact our community.

DAY 36:          Pray that our love of God will grow.

DAY 37:          Ask God to maintain unity among leaders and participants.

DAY 38:          Pray for lasting, eternal fruit.

DAY 39:          Pray that guests to our church will be warmly welcomed.

DAY 40:          Pray that BELEIVE will be a defining experience in our church’s journey.